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Use the ’Right Angle PRO’ putting aids on the practice green or carpet. On the practice green the two holes on either side of the device can be used to peg the product to the green. Choose a ball bearing size (10,12 and 14mm bearings are provided) and place them as pairs in your preferred set of holes dependent on the level of difficulty required. Balance the ball in the locator or on the putting surface and align the line on the ball with the laser engraved line on the device. Ensure your head is directly over the centre of the ball by aligning the dashed lines so that, when viewed from above, they touch the top and bottom of the ball. Using the square edge of the ‘Right Angle Pro’, align you putter so that it sits square to the device. Practice putting through the line of the ball whilst keeping the club head square. The ball bearings provide feedback on the accuracy of the putt i.e. a right handed player who pushes his or her putt will dislodge the ball bearing on the right, and a pulled putt will dislodge the left hand ball. Repeated practice will improve the accuracy of your putts.

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